6 Solutions for Commercial Accessibility

If you’re looking for a commercial accessibility solution, it can be easier to take it back to basics. Below are 6 solutions for commercial accessibility which provide all building users access to every floor, with something for every space, budget and timeframe.



A passenger platform lift (or “slow speed lift”) is an lifting platform which has it’s own shaft, but the travel area is not enclosed. Passenger platform lifts require constant pressure during travel, and can go up to 6 floors with 500kg. Travel speed is capped at 0.15m/s – hence why they are called slow speed.

Generally passenger platform lifts have small footprints and are electrically operated, meaning no hydraulic or traction systems. The platform refers to an L shaped standing area which travels up and down the shaft.

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An enclosed cabin lift is basically a passenger platform lift with a fully enclosed lift car. An enclosed cabin lift uses single touch buttons but is still limited to 0.15m/s under the machinery directive.

Again, enclosed cabin lifts generally use an electrical system and remove the need for deep pits and oil, but provide a familiar surrounding for passengers.

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A platform stairlift is like a normal stairlift, but has a platform base which wheelchairs can get onto instead of a seat. Platform Stairlifts rely on the strength of the stairway and connecting points so you will need a site survey.

Platform Stairlifts can be folded away against the side of the stairs, creating space again when out of use. They aren’t that convenient if you have alot of users, but for the occasional use they are great where space is very limited.

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If you need to transport passengers and light goods in your premises, but don’t have space or budget to include 2 lifts, then a light goods and passenger platform lift is the solution for you.

A light goods and passenger lift is determined at commissioning stage – once the lift is installed it is certified for both light goods and passenger. Generally these will be a slightly lower weight capacity (around the 500kg mark).

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An open platform steplift travels between 2 floors, and is generally an open top box which travels up and down guide rails. Usually doors will be through entry.

Steplifts are ideal for short flights of steps in entranceways, and can be installed internally or externally.

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A conventional passenger lift is the largest, most powerful option for passenger accessibility in your premises, but it comes with a higher price tag and more restrictions.

Generally conventional lifts can carry up to 14 passengers and can be used continuously – ideal for hotels and busy retail environments. Conventional lifts do however need a large amount of space, brick shaft and deep pit.

Gartec don’t offer conventional lifts in the range but there are many major suppliers out there who can provide a larger solution for your premises. Though unless you need a very large lift or will have alot of use, you can probably save some of your budget, space and time by looking at other options.