How Do Electric Home Lifts Work?

Gartec supply and install versatile and reliable electrical lifts across the UK – but how do electric lifts work? Researching your potential lift will make sure it is the right system for you and will be the perfect addition to your home.

Find out more about our innovative electrical lift system below.


How Do Electric Home Lifts Work?

Our electrical lifts work using a simple and safe ‘screw and nut’ system, which runs from a dedicated, but normal, power supply in your home.

A screw and nut system describes how the lift moves inside the shaft (the shaft is always supplied with our lifts for safety). Each lift we supply has a large threaded bar (like a screw) running the whole length of the lift. Attached to this is a large, strong nut, which in turn is attached to a motor. When the motor runs (when the lift buttons are pressed), the large nut winds up or down the threaded bar.

The platform (standing area) of our lifts is attached to the large nut, and moves up and down the shaft when the motor turns it.


What are the Benefits of Electrical Lifts?

Electrical lifts are incredibly energy efficient – our home lifts use less energy than a kettle to run.

When it comes to installing, electrical lifts don’t require lots of building works or complicated arrangements. We basically need a power supply, telephone line and holes in the floor – good to go!

The main benefits of electrical lifts (over hydraulic or traction lifts) are:

  • low energy use
  • quick 2-3 day installation
  • simple power requirements
  • small footprint
  • no extra space / machinery room – fully contained
  • easy, low cost maintenance
  • lower initial cost for lift


Are Electric Home Lifts Safe?

Electrical lifts are one of the safest options. As well as being great for small spaces, electrical home lifts have a battery back up system for emergencies, a safety edge to stop trapped fingers, an alarm button, communication device and shaft lighting. On top of this, all Gartec electrical lifts come as standard with a shaft for safety. By including a shaft, you cannot get trapped between the moving and static parts, meaning ultimate safety.

If you want to know more about home lifts with shafts, try our recent blog, “Should I get a Home Lift with a Shaft?” by clicking here >>


What Happens to Electrical Lifts in a Power Cut?

In a power cut, electrical lifts lose their main source of power – but fear not! All Gartec home lifts come with a battery backup system, which means in a power cut your electrical lift will take you to the nearest floor to get out.

Electrical lifts cannot drop when the power is cut either. The threaded bar that the lift moves up and down has a minimal gradient, so (just like when you stop pressing the buttons) the lift just stops in place.