A Simple Lift Maintenance Guide

Ongoing maintenance is a key part of making sure that your lift remains in great condition and is an asset to an office or commercial space. Regular maintenance not only ensures that the elevator operates safely and efficiently but can also keep long term costs down by reducing the need for replacements and unforeseen repairs, as well as prolonging the lifespan of the lift.



Regular use means the screw running up the back of the lift is lubricated. Each time the lift is taken up, oil is carried along the screw.

If you notice a squeaking when running, you may need to use your lift more regularly – we recommend running the lift from bottom to top and back again at least once a week.



It’s important that everyone using a lift understands how to operate it safely – if the proper procedures are not followed then this may damage the lift itself, as well as posing a risk to those using it. Any damage caused by misuse is not covered by warranty.

Make sure all staff are trained on how to safely operate the lift and what to do should an emergency arise.



Keeping the area around the lift, as well as the lift itself, clear can prevent damage and faults, as well as slips and trips.

Keeping the lift platform clear will stop any damage from dragging or contact with the lift shaft during travel and prevent sticking or stopping of any parts.



It’s crucial to register your warranty when the lift is installed. Activating the warranty ensures that any issues that arise in the first year relating to service or repair will be covered by the manufacturer.

Gartec Lifts offer two free service visits and two LOLER inspections in the first year.



There are service and maintenance options available for all sorts of elevator usage, designed to focus on the most likely issues and offer a general check to identify issues early and keep your lift in good order. Regular maintenance will reduce running costs significantly in the long term.



Every lift is different – you may be using yours sporadically or it could be handling constant traffic throughout the day.

Gartec offer comprehensive maintenance packages that include call outs and parts or scaled down service plans with options to pay for visits or parts as and when required.

Gartec keep a wide range of spare parts in stock, helping you to get back to work faster.