Stair Lifts Vs. Home Lifts

For anyone with limited mobility, getting up and down stairs can prove quite a challenge. It can get frustrating when it impacts your sense of independence and dignity. However, thanks to some great developments in technology, mobility in the home has been made far easier. The question now is “which product is best for me?” and which ones are most suitable for your home.

Both stair lifts and home lifts (AKA through floor lifts or domestic lifts) offer people an invaluable solution to accessing different floors of their home. While stairlifts tends to comprise of an electric-powered chair that moves up and down the side of the staircase, domestic lifts avoid the stairs altogether and allow easy movement between multiple storeys in one single motion.


Is a Stairlift Right For You?

Stair lifts have been around for some time now and are surprisingly affordable for the freedom that they provide. However it is safe to say that their design has remained somewhat dated in appearance, and unfortunately they cannot be fitted onto all staircases. If you need to travel more than 2 floors, or have a curved stairway, a stairlift could become an expensive option – or not possible at all!

Stairlifts are ideal for 2 stop staircases where speed or aesthetics are not too important, and low cost is the most important part. They do take up space on the staircase, so if aesthetics are important in your home, or ambulant people will be using the stairs a lot, a home lift could be more suitable.

Remember if you are in a wheelchair, a stairlift generally means transferring out and back into another one at the top. Not so easy when you have to do it every day!


Would a Home Lift Suit Your Home?

Domestic lifts may sound extravagant, but are in fact incredibly energy-efficient and space saving, offering a design-conscious solution. They can be installed into almost any type of building with minimal fuss, or even integrated into the blueprints of a new build, ‘future-proofing’ homes and making accessibility easier for everyone. A Gartec home lift can even be installed in a stairwell, taking up minimal space!

They are ideal for wheelchair users, who may find stair lifts more of a struggle. They can often be ‘uprated’ to take higher capacity for bariatric and electric chairs, or a wheelchair and carer. Home Lifts are also a great addition to larger properties that have several storeys or awkward staircases – and installation can be completed in as little as 2 days.

Home lifts are surprisingly affordable and have a great range of options for design – meaning your home stays a home. Tuck your home lift into a wall (so you only see the door), or make a statement with a glass shaft!


Gartec Home Lifts

Gartec recognises the modern homeowner’s awareness of wanting their property to last a lifetime – as it should. We currently install three types of domestic lift: the Aritco HomeLift Compact and the 6000 are simple electric platform lifts with great options, and the HomeLift is a smart lift which can connect to your phone.

All our lift models are designed with quality, style and desirability in mind, and are available in a range of colour schemes to accentuate your home’s interior, making them a feature to be proud of.