Top 5 Value Adding Home Improvements 2018

So what are the most valuable improvements you can make to your home, either before selling it or just to make it nice for yourself?

We’ve rounded up the top 5 home improvements to add value to your house for 2018!


1. Landscaping

The most popular, and biggest ROI adding, home improvement is new landscaping for your outdoor spaces. Make sure to include a nice area for seating, and a feature or focal point will also help add value. Think about year-round colour and greenery, and remember how much maintenance it will need!

As you can do some of this yourself, this can be a low cost way to add value. Even if you use a professional landscaper, the additional value will be more than the cost of this home improvement.


2. Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is picking up at a rapid speed, with more and more services getting involved. Often, heating, lighting and hot water are linked up to the system, which can help you to reduce your spending and control your house from your phone. Linking in your home security system is also great for safety at home and is desirable when looking for a new home. In the future, it may be a case of a drop in value if the system is not included in your home improvements!


3. Add a Conservatory or Decking

A conservatory or decking area adds huge appeal to your property and can be the hub of the home. Make sure you think about the direction of the sun, and make sure conservatory materials are cool in summer, and warm in winter, to allow for year round use. Conservatories are around £5000 but add more value than this to a property – good investment.


4. Replace the Windows

Replacing the windows for modern PVCu windows can help retain heat in the house and improves the overall image of the exterior, adding immediate value and cost savings for very little outlay. This generally applies for most housing, however period properties may have more value in keeping original or ‘character building’ windows kept in place.


5. Futureproofing & Home Access

Including home access adds value to a home and gives you peace of mind for the future. A home lift costs less than you might think – and making sure you pick one that is aesthetically pleasing and functional for a range of needs will mean when you sell the lift can be kept by the next residents. Alternatively, you can stay there for longer than you planned!

Smart home lifts can be integrated into a smart home system too, making a double hit on your home improvements.