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A perfect match (Denham, Buckinghamshire)


“Customisation is the driving factor of many of our customers. They want choices and, especially for those who are undertaking a home build themselves, they want a bespoke lift solution that matches the finish of their home environment.” – Matthew Akerman, Gartec Home Sales Director

This need for a personalised solution was very much the draw for this Denham couple who had purchased a derelict eight-acre property and decided to build their dream home from scratch. Taking advantage of the time and economic efficiencies of installing a lift as part of their new build, they looked to invest in a lift that would meet their future accessibility needs and add a touch of exclusivity to their home.

Intuitive technology and design

The couple’s preference was for a cabin style lift with telescopic doors and a one touch operation. We recommended the Vimec E20 lift as a new version had just been released with an improved cabin design and integrated LED lighting strips recessed in the walls and ceiling, all controlled via an app. Through the app, the lighting can be set to any colour to match your desired ambience.

The cabin finishes of the E20 can also be tailored to the design of your home, which gave the couple the freedom to integrate the lift into their interior design scheme through complementary colours and detailing. The lift’s flooring was chosen to match the tiling of their ground floor and the external landing doors were colour matched to the corridor finishes. Internally the cabin had standard white walls for design flexibility, allowing the interior designer to apply a vinyl to the cabin walls and doors, and the operating panel for a modern luxury feel.

Embracing the luxury lifestyle

“The goal was to bring a luxurious lift experience to this high-end home with a seamless flow of finishes from the inside out,” added Matthew. “The current appeal of the lift is the convenience it offers for day-to-day living. Future accessibility may have been an initial consideration, but the beauty of this home lift is that it has enabled this couple and their guests to really enjoy their home right now.”


Lift: Vimec E20

Bespoke features: Cabin size 1050mm x 1200mm, 20mm cabin flooring tray to accommodate clients’ own tiles, RAL colour doors (wrapped post installation by clients contractor Omnia Vinyl)

Technical details: Two stop, single entry, three stage telescopic doors, GSM autodialler

Reasons for purchase: Future accessibility and exclusive feature

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