Case Studies

Castle on the Hill Use Gartec Lift for Mezzanine Access


Framlingham Castle, an 11th century listed fort nestled in the countryside of Suffolk, has been bustling with contractors working on phase 1 of renovations – including a café, shop and new exhibition.

Joseph James, Project Manager at the English Heritage site, commented:

“As a historic listed building, the renovation of Framlingham Castle had to be carefully planned to ensure any changes were sympathetic to the heritage of the building”

The new exhibition required an access lift, but – across all the works – there were restrictions due to the castle being a listed building:

  • Minimal damage/building works
  • Installation working around other contractors
  • Stylish but considerate additions


Joseph James said:

“Enabling wheelchair users and prams to access the mezzanine level and see the new interpretation was particularly important”

A Gartec 7000 platform lift fit the bill perfectly:

  • Minimal fixing points
  • Modular shaft included; no scaffolding required
  • Larger platform sizes for wheelchairs
  • Key lock for safety

The installation took just 3 days, and Framlingham Castle then added the frosted coating for privacy and for style, including the logo on the doors.

The lift can easily be demounted when phase 2 begins on the wall walk.


An original mezzanine has been reinstated in the old Workhouse, home to a new exhibition which tells of the castle and residents, including Mary Tudor, proclaimed Queen of England at the castle in 1553.

Joseph James commented:

“Phase 1 of our visitor improvement project saw us add a brand new café to the castle and reinstate an original mezzanine level to house a new exhibition”

Interactive games include ‘Spin the King’; try on ‘Hats Through the Ages’; and have a go at the ‘Who Eats What?’ game, before heading to the new café and shop.

The new café includes Suffolk Grumbly, a regional dish with sausage and mustard and cheese sauce, and Tudor dish Tarte Owte of Lent, made with ingredients not allowed for lent.


The new café, shop and educational exhibition look fantastic, and the lift is a stylish and functional addition that is great for prams and wheelchair users.

Joseph James, Project Manager, said:

“The small size of the Gartec lift and the finishes, including the frosted glass coating we have added, have made it a subtle but modern addition”