Case Studies

Gartec HomeLift AHL (Godalming)

Already in their dream home a couple in Godalming, Surrey, needed a lift installed to future proof and provide access for restricted mobility between floors. They needed:

  • Urgent installation date
  • Minimal disruption, noise and mess
  • Design to match the style of their home
Our Advice

We suggested a demo at our Aylesbury showroom, and they fell in love with our shining star, the Modern Living Lift – a smart lift with connected app. Matt Akerman, our Home Lift manager, helped them pick a more accessible place for the lift. Kevin, one of the homeowners, commented: “Visiting the showroom really helped us visualise which options would work best. Matt even helped us with some practical aspects of the building work design to help decide how the lift would best fit.” Gartec quickly incorporated the changes and recommended a larger platform size, side entry position and automatic doors to allow for easy wheelchair use. Matt Akerman said: “After visiting Kevin, we spent some time talking about the position and platform size so the lift was neatly placed out of the way, and was still easy to access and use for a wheelchair user.”

Getting the Job Done

The modular design meant minimal disruption and no major building works. Kevin chose finishes to blend with his home design:

  • White shaft contrasted by black door surrounds
  • Tinted glass for privacy in dressing room
  • Platform flooring in ‘Bolon Sisal Plain Sand’ to match carpets
  • Doors flush with floor

Kevin said: “The range of colours and flooring meant we could get the look we wanted, making a practical tool into a stylish feature that most importantly matches our home.” Our team were in and out in a flash, taking just a week to get the job done. The smart lift installation team said: “The installation was simple and came together quickly. It was clearly a vital addition to the house and we made sure it was a clean and speedy install.” The couple wanted some back wall art to move away from the functional aspect and make the lift an artistic feature, and had their own design in mind.

Following discussions about the look they wanted to achieve, our team developed a pattern using the couple’s inspiration from luxury brands and interior design concepts. After trying and tweaking a few samples, the final pattern was a simple, repeating geometric pattern in a muted green to give a splash of colour without being too bold. Kevin commented: “Matt worked closely with us on the art wall, which took a few tries to get to the design we liked, and now it is fitted it really adds to the lift as a feature.”

The Results

The homeowners were thrilled with the lift, as well as the speed and cleanliness of our installation team. Afterwards, Kevin gave us his thoughts: “Communication throughout the manufacture was good, and ensured a timely installation date… the Gartec team helped us the whole way through the process – we love it.” The lift really stands out, but keeps the simple and stylish aesthetics of the house perfectly, and means the couple can make the most of their home forever.