Case Studies

Gartec Install Highest Platform Lift in UK


Rising into the clouds at the top of Mount Snowdon, Wales, the summit centre required a short travel lift in a tight alcove for less able visitors – to replace an old, unreliable lift. Transporting the lift to the top of the mountain on the Snowdon Railway was part of the challenge, with weight and size restrictions.


  • 800mm travel
  • Small footprint to fit in tight space near stairs
  • Reliable, low maintenance lift
  • Doors on opposite sides
  • High capacity for wheelchairs (410kg)
  • Removal of damaged old lift


The Gartec 7000 platform lift fit the bill, with a 410kg limit and wheelchair suitable sizes without a huge footprint. The modular parts were ideal for lightweight transport to the top.

The centre had a small alcove space near the railway stop, and next to the stairs, so the small 50mm pit and minimal building works were ideal. Removing the old lift was all part and parcel of the job and the space was ideal for our wheelchair suitable size platform.

Reliability was vital as getting to the summit for a breakdown would take longer than normal. The minimal maintenance and simple mechanism was ideal.

Key Features

  • Small pit & tiny footprint
  • Modular system with shaft
  • Easy maintenance and warranty
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • No head fixing or machine room


The rip out and installation were completed by the team at Knowsley Lifts, and the lift was in, on and ready to use in just 2 days. The ceiling was raised slightly and the original pit widened, with no problems or major building works needed.

A bold red finish makes a statement next to the railway stop and stairs, and fits the small space perfectly. It gets used all the time and makes the summit centre a more welcome and inclusive space – and the vital reliability has been provided.

The lift looks fantastic and stands out well in the centre, making it easy to spot for anyone who needs it from the train stop and across the cafe.