Case Studies

H&M Boost Mezzanine Access with 9000 Cabin Lift


At Elliotts Field Retail Park, Rugby, H&M had an access issue up to a mezzanine second floor. As a high footfall shop, it was important that 2 lifts were put into the store quickly without disrupting business.

Whilst space was limited, an area was free which backed onto the staircase. The lift needed to fit the image of the store, whilst providing a facility that customers would feel safe and accustomed to.

The challenge for Gartec was creating an installation schedule and product to fit:

  • Limited space for installation
  • Familiar and safe environment
  • Minimal disruption and no building works
  • Fast installation out of hours


Originally the Aritco 7000 Lift was considered, but to give a familiar surrounding for shoppers, we suggested swapping this for an Aritco 9000, our enclosed cabin lift. This imitates a conventional lift, with single touch buttons and a car lift enclosure. We recommended a 9000 platform lift because:

  • Fixing at floor level – no impact on mezzanine floor
  • Familiar cabin environment for customers
  • Single press buttons on the platform
  • Plenty of finishing options
  • Fast installation – out of hours

Emily, the Store Administrator, said:

“We needed something suitable for the store – this lift does the job perfectly and provides a familiar environment for our customers”

The range of colours and finishes meant the style of the shop was imitated at both landings. Brushed stainless steel controls and white cladding was chosen.

Out of hours installation was suggested to reduce disruption, and cladding the rear of the lifts – which backed onto the stairs – to hide the mechanics.


After visiting the site, our engineers agreed the cabin lift would be best, but a larger space was required to accommodate the extra width for the cabin. Matthew Champion, Gartec Trade Sales Manager, said:

“The cabin lift is popular in retail environments as it provides the expected lift experience – at half the cost and far less time”

A small 75mm pit was preferable to a ramp, meaning doors were flush with the floor to make entry easy for disabled customers.

Tactile (braille) buttons were used, and safety features included an alarm button and auto-dialler phone system for emergencies.

Lighting in the cabin roof was upgraded and white cladding was used to blend with the surroundings.

Dave Evans, from the installation team, said:

“Quick installation was important so H&M could open as normal – we got it done out of hours to make it easy for everyone”


After adding the H&M lift graphics above the doors, the look was complete. The space worked perfectly for the double bank of lifts, which are constantly in use. Emily commented:

“Allowing all customers to access the mezzanine is fantastic, and it’s great for prams as well as wheelchairs. It looks and feels just like a normal lift”

Overall Gartec helped to recommend the most suitable option for the shop and made sure the installation was quick, helping H&M get back to business.