Home Lifts That Empower Every Child

Equality and inclusion go beyond mere physical accessibility – they are about making sure that every child feels valued and integrated into all aspects of family life. Unfortunately, for many families with disabled children, traditional home layouts can inadvertently create barriers to this inclusivity. But by breaking down these barriers, our home lifts open up a new world at home.


The Importance of Equality and Inclusion

Home environments play a pivotal role in shaping a child’s experience of equality and inclusion. A home that accommodates their unique needs makes them feel valued and affirms their part in the family unit. When a child can move freely and safely in their home, they are more likely to engage in social and family activities, contributing to their emotional and social development.

By adapting homes to meet the needs of disabled children, we send a powerful message of acceptance and equality. It is about creating spaces where limitations are acknowledged but not allowed to define the child’s experience.

The Inclusive Benefits of Our Home Lifts

Our home lifts ensure that every child, regardless of their physical abilities, can experience a sense of belonging and independence where they live. Other advantages of choosing a Gartec or Aritco home lift include:

  • Safety and Ease of Use: Features like emergency stop buttons, battery backup, and sensitive edge technology provide a secure environment for children to navigate their homes. The intuitive design and user-friendly controls make these lifts easy to operate, even for young users, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-reliance.
  • Design for Inclusivity: With a range of customisable options, from finishes to fittings, these lifts can be tailored to blend seamlessly with any home decor. This thoughtful design ensures that the lift becomes a natural part of the home, not an imposition.

By removing the physical barriers of traditional home layouts, our home lifts open up all areas of the home to disabled children. Whether it is joining family dinners, accessing playrooms, or simply moving between their bedroom and living areas, these lifts empower children to be active participants in family life.


Custom Solutions Made for You

At the heart of our philosophy is the understanding that every family and home is unique. This is why we offer extensive customisation and personalisation options, ensuring that each lift installation caters to the needs of you and your child. Choosing Gartec means:

  • More Customisable Options: Gartec and Aritco home lifts come with a variety of customisable features, including a range of sizes to fit different spaces, a selection of interior and exterior finishes, and adaptable door configurations.
  • Personalisation for Inclusion: For a child with disabilities, a home lift tailored to their needs and reflecting their personality can significantly enhance their feeling of inclusion in the home.

Through these bespoke options, Gartec home lifts become more than mobility solutions, standing also for a commitment to celebrating individuality and becoming a powerful tool in the creation of a home environment where every child feels valued and included.

Case Studies

Pushing the boundaries of design (Witham, Essex)

Open Hands (Leicester, Leicestershire)

Blending the Modern Into the Traditional (Harpenden, Hertfordshire)

This striking bespoke oak framed house was conceived out of a desire to create a home that celebrated traditional design while also being fit for the future.

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Feel Like Part of the Family Again

Each lift we design and install is a testament to our commitment to creating a world where every child, regardless of ability, feels valued, included, and empowered in their own home. Contact us today to learn more about our home lift solutions and how they can transform your living space.


Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are Gartec home lifts for children?

Safety is our top priority. Gartec lifts are equipped with advanced safety features like emergency stop buttons, sensitive edge technology, and battery backup systems, ensuring a safe and secure experience for children.

Can Gartec lifts be installed in small or uniquely shaped homes?

Absolutely. Our lifts come in various sizes and can be customised to fit different spaces and home layouts, ensuring that every home can be equipped with a lift, regardless of its size or shape.

Will the installation of a lift cause major disruption to my home?

Not at all. Gartec lifts are designed for easy installation with minimal disruption. Most installations can be completed within a day, without the need for extensive renovations.

How do Gartec lifts promote inclusivity for disabled children?

By providing easy and independent access to all levels of the home, our lifts help disabled children participate more fully in family life, enhancing their sense of belonging and inclusion.