Simplifying Home Accessibility With Gartec Passenger Lifts

Traditional home modifications can be a huge hassle, involving extensive renovations, significant financial investment, and a disruption to family life. These modifications, ranging from widening doorways to installing ramps, require considerable planning and resources, and often alter the character of your beloved family home. But we have a solution.


The Age Old Struggle

Adapting a space not originally designed with a disability in mind often involves extensive structural changes, each accompanied by a significant financial burden. But beyond the financial implications, the emotional toll on families cannot be underestimated. The disruption caused by lengthy construction works can disturb daily routines and make mobility even harder for disabled children.


Our Answer to Residential Accessibility

Our range of home lifts offers an innovative, stylish, and cost-effective solution. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing home structure with minimal alterations, our Gartec and Aritco range provides convenient access for your child without the typical hassles of extensive remodelling.


The Benefits of Choosing Gartec Home Lifts

Our passenger lifts are designed to ease the burden of making your home more accessible, with standout advantages over other models, such as:

  • Ease of Installation: Other lifts on the market come with major structural changes that can take weeks or months to resolve, whereas our range can be installed with minimal disruption to your household – requiring a small footprint equivalent to that of a wardrobe.
  • Minimal Structural Changes: Gartec and Aritco lifts require significantly fewer structural modifications compared to traditional home modifications. This approach reduces the cost and complexity of the project and maintains the homely feel that is so important to your family life.
  • Practical and Inclusive Design: The lifts in our range offer a comfortable and safe mode of movement between floors for children, promoting independence and confidence. Plus, each model comes with customisable options in terms of size, interior, and exterior finishes, allowing them to blend seamlessly into their new home.

These lift designs provide a practical, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing solution to any child with impaired mobility, helping you to keep your focus where it truly matters.

A Closer Look at the Range

Aritco HomeLift

This high-quality platform lift is both luxurious and space-efficient, requiring only as much space as a small wardrobe. Its stylish design and range of finishes make it an attractive addition to any home, and the whole unit can be installed in less than a week.


Aritco HomeLift Access

Known for its flexibility and customisability, this lift offers various sizes and design options. It utilises energy-efficient technology, negating the need for separate machine rooms, and comes with multiple safety features.

Gartec_Home_Lift_6000_22 LR

Aritco HomeLift Compact

As the most compact lift in the range, it is ideal for smaller homes and can be installed in just three days. Its sleek design allows it to fit into tight spaces, providing accessibility without the need for significant home alterations​​.

Barduva RB150

Perfect for external applications and designed for short rises up to 3 metres, this lift is a robust alternative to ramps in space-limited areas. It also comes in various platform sizes and finishes, catering to different environments and budgets​​.


Gartec Platform Stair Lift

This lift is suitable for both internal and external staircases, providing wheelchair access over straight flights of stairs. It is economical, space-saving, and can be installed in as little as one day​​.

a gartec platform stair lift at the foot of a flight of stairs

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Blending the Modern Into the Traditional (Harpenden, Hertfordshire)

This striking bespoke oak framed house was conceived out of a desire to create a home that celebrated traditional design while also being fit for the future.

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A Hassle-Free Mobility Solution for Your Home

Our range of home lifts is a testament to our commitment to offering practical and stylish solutions to families, especially those with disabled children. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a Gartec home lift?

Installation times vary by model, but many Gartec lifts, including several in the Aritco range, can be installed in as little as one to three days, causing minimal disruption to your home life.

Do I need to make major structural changes to my home for a lift?

No, Gartec lifts are designed to require minimal structural changes. Models like the Aritco HomeLift Compact are ideal for smaller spaces and use up as much energy as a standard washing machine.

Are Gartec lifts safe for children to use?

Absolutely. Safety is a top priority. Gartec lifts come equipped with advanced safety features, such as emergency stop buttons and sensitive edge technology, ensuring a safe and secure experience for all users.

Can Gartec lifts be customised to match my home decor?

Yes, Gartec offers a range of customisation options, including different finishes and sizes, to ensure that the lift complements your home’s aesthetic.