MRL (Machine Room Less) Lifts

MRL Lifts (machine-room-less lifts) are lifts that don’t require a separate room at installation for extra machinery or systems. The machine room is a separate room that is positioned close to the lift to house all the large machinery such as large motors, pumps and oil reserves. Gartec are the leading UK supplier and installer of platform MRL lifts.


Platform MRL lifts are what we specialise in. Platform lifts use a simple ‘screw and nut’ drive system (read more about this here) so don’t have large machinery or oil pits to contain. The machinery is all stored in the mast side of the lift, behind the control panel. All our drawings and plan views include the machinery space. This means that, unlike non MRL lifts, we don’t need a separate room as well as the lift space.

The ARITCO PUBLICLIFT ACCESS is our most flexible and versatile of the MRL lifts. Choose from standard passenger, external or light goods features to tailor to different environments and requirements with a small footprint.

The Gartec 9000 is a cabin version platform MRL lift, which looks and feels like a conventional lift but takes up minimal space in the building and doesn’t require a machine room.


Gartec specialise in MRL lifts and have installed thousands across the UK. Our team of experts are backup up with a nationwide network of installation and servicing engineers, offering you unrivalled customer service and knowledge.

Gartec MRL lifts are all the best in class, bringing the best features to your building plans without using excessive building space – which is often at a premium. If you need to retain every inch of indoor space, our MRL lifts include the Gartec PublicLift Outdoor Option which is installed outdoors for maximum floor space retention.


Traction lifts use a belt drive system and a counterweight, explained in our blog here. Often traction lifts will have a machine room to house the machinery, such as the large motor.

Gartec traction lifts – the VIMEC E10 in particular – are MRL lifts, giving you the power, speed and benefits of a traditional lift or traction lift, but saving space and budget.