Platform Lifts for Flats and Apartments

If a communal residence runs over multiple floors, a reliable, safe lift for flats and apartments is required for disabled access. At Gartec we understand that you need a lift that gives you reduced maintenance, user friendly controls and space-saving design and on a budget. With over 25 years experience, Gartec have worked on hundreds of projects in flats, we know the details make the difference. Our lifts for flats give you freedom and versatility.


When you’re looking for lifts for flats and communal areas, there are some features that are handy, and some you need to have under regulation.

Generally the company you use should help you with this, and lifts should comply with the regulations for manufacture (such as heights of buttons, door widths and CE marking) Gartec make sure all the lifts we sell are compliant and help you with the regulations in detail where needed.

The regulations that are yours / the clients responsibility are fairly simple for platform lifts for flats:

  • 1500mm turning circle at landings
  • adequate lighting at landings
  • communication device for passengers linked to monitored line
  • Power supply and holes through the floor


Often, lifts for flats are positioned in communal areas such as a stairwell or corridor. It is important though that the lift is in a communal area at every stop – or there is some kind of restriction system (such as key locking).

Consider fire zones in the building too; positioning the lift so it doesn’t create a fire risk is very important to the residents’ safety. This is why stairwells are so frequently used – the fire zone is not opened to another area. By cladding the lift in fire resistant material, and using a fire resistant door, you can create a safe access lift that doesn’t put fire zones at risk.

Remember, with Gartec’s platform lifts for flats, you can use swing doors or telescopic doors to reduce space requirements. You can also have doors on different sides, meaning awkward or unusual spaces, or alternating landings, can be accommodated easily.


To specify a lift for flats or apartment buildings, it is important to look at the needs of the building. Gartec can then tailor a lift to your requirements:

  • How many floors, entrances and directions of entry
  • Weight capacity and level of use
  • Fire protection and key locking needs
  • Design features and colours required

Also, consider the following scenarios:

  • Do you need stronger finishes? For some environments where vandalism is common, a more durable finish may be required.
  • Do you need multiple lifts? In a high use environment, you may need a second lift for periods where one lift is out of use.
  • Do you need a fire fighting lift? To help with fire fighting access, a fire fighting lift may be required as well.


Handy features to remember when planning a residential lift include:

  • finishes – think fingerprint resistant or scratch proof
  • heavy duty finishes for public accessible spaces
  • key locking or restricted use options
  • maintenance costs

Gartec are always happy to help out with any specification requirements or bespoke options you have, please contact us.

Take a look at our lifts for flats (ARITCO PUBLICLIFT ACCESS or VIMEC E10) and see how we can make your communal access simple.