Schools, Colleges and Universities

Our Gartec Lifts are commonly used in public spaces such as schools, colleges and universities. The many safety features, reliability and user-friendly controls make them a popular choice in busy buildings. Gartec Platform lifts are a great way to allow everyone to the same right of accessibility with an educational building.

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Educational Lift

A Platform Lift is a legal requirement within an educational building such as a school, college or university where there are multiple floors under the Equality Act 2010. Contact us to discuss.

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Accessibility solution

We work with many schools, colleges and universities to find the right accessibility solution. We have a wide range of lifts suitable for all needs and requirements with added goods lifting options and an external lift option where there is limited space inside the building.

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Safety First

With extensive safety features, Gartec Platform Lifts are perfect for busy schools and colleges, for people of all ages and abilities. Keeping students and staff safe is imperative and a platform lift is a great way for everyone to access parts of the building without the use of stairs.

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