Material Handling Lifts

Material handling equipment covers a huge range of products – but the most efficient and automated method of moving goods and materials between floors is different for different environments. Wherever you put one, or whatever it carries, you are reducing manual handling and increasing efficiency. A material handling lift can almost always improve a business. Take a look below to see how our range of material handling equipment work in different settings. The pro’s, con’s and common uses may help you determine the most suitable, cost effective and efficient material handling option for your warehouse, stores or back of house areas.


Heavy duty goods lifts are the largest and most versatile option for material handling equipment. Goods Box Goods Lifts are ideal for warehouses and logistics environments where goods (up to 1 or 2 tons) are transported regularly between 2 or more floors.

Goods lifts are often installed with an external to internal layout, allowing logistical areas and lorry loading areas to unload and efficiently transfer goods to the factory floor or other useful area.

Common Key Features

  • High capacity – 1 ton upwards
  • Heavy duty finishes such as checkerplate flooring
  • Internal and external installation
  • Protective rails, bump rails and heavy duty protective features
  • “Call and Send” function
  • Optional passenger carrying
  • Locking and user restrictions

The GLE RHINO GOODS LIFT is a versatile traction system, ideal for warehouses and offers a range of features for different environments such as picket gates and shutter doors. Choose internal or external, and carry passengers as well with additional safety features.

Scissor Goods Lifts

Where a simple system between 2 areas is ample and it is just for goods, a simple lifting platform could be all you need for material handling. A lifting platform is usually not suitable for passengers, and can be simple scissor lift (vertical or horizontal), or a caged/surrounded platform. Scissor lifts are very easy to tailor to your requirements and are basically a platform with motorised scissor action. This can be clad and boxed in, or left open sided. They can also be used to create a better or adjustable working height.

Common Key Features

  • High weight limit (up to 10 tons)
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Internal or external
  • 2 floors / main stops, up to around 10m
  • Remote controls (deadmans handle)

The Gartec scissor platform lift is ideal for goods only lifting, or automation of movement within a premises. It can be rated for passenger use as well but will require an enclosure.

Light Goods and Passenger

Where a much lower capacity is enough, and passengers are also being carried as a main purpose, a platform lift with light goods capability could combine your lift requirements to save time and money.

A platform lift can be commissioned for light goods use at installation, read to be used as material handling equipment. A light goods and passenger lift is ideal for back of house at retail locations, small warehouses and storerooms, and hotels or restaurants. They are also great in offices as it allows so much freedom of use.

Common Key Features

  • protective kerb or bump rail
  • internal or external
  • passenger carrying as standard
  • higher weight limit – around 500kg

The ARITCO PUBLICLIFT ACCESS Goods Option is ideal as a disabled access lift in a premises, with light goods commissioning allowing for trolleys, equipment and light goods. By combining your passenger and goods requirements in one lift, you save time, money and valuable floor space.

Floor Level Trolley Lifts

A trolley lift is often designed around the size of trolley that is required for use. A trolley lift is a floor height goods only lift, designed for wheeled trolleys. From medical supplies to store room stock, wheeled equipment to refuse and waste, a trolley lift can be used to transport anything bulky between floors. Trolley lifts are commonly used in laboratories, restaurants, bars and kitchens, hotels and often as a refuse lift.

Common Key Features

  • Call and Send function
  • Custom sizes for your trolleys
  • Medium weight limit (250-300kg)
  • Wipe clean finishes
  • Call and send function

The Gartec Trolley Lift is a functional and simple material handling lift, with custom sizes, door options and self supporting frame to make installation easy. It allows multiple entrances on each floor for flexibility to work around your building design.

Small Service Lifts

A service lift, also called a dumb waiter, is a serving height level lift which is usually quite small and is designed for moving small goods between floors. Service lifts are commonly used as material handling equipment in restaurants and hotels to transport meals, laundry or small items. They could be utilised for parts, small machinery and other small goods in a warehouse or stores location if appropriate too. The Gartec Service Lift / Dumb Waiter is designed with hospitality in mind, with a range of options and customisations available to tailor to your material handling requirements.

Common Key Features

  • Double sliding vertical doors
  • Low weight limit (50-100kg)
  • Shelving, heating and cooling options
  • Choice of machinery location for convenient sizing