Homeowners & Renovators

Home lifts have become increasingly popular in the last few years, often adding convenience, comfort or luxury to a home as well as adding functionality for accessibility, or to help avoid stresses and strains of using the stairs or carrying heavy objects between floors. We have seen an increase in homeowners choosing to future proof their homes, as it opens possibilities, promotes independence, provides benefits to users and adds value to the property.

What are the benefits?

Home lifts are incredibly quiet because of our patented screw and nut drive system.

Avoid moving or drastic home modifications, such as annexes and add an easy and simple access solution.

Home lifts can be easily fitted almost anywhere, often only taking up as little space as a wardrobe.

Adds value to the property and can make the property more desirable to a wider audience.

The importance of a well-designed product and easy user-experience, promoting health and feelings of pride, avoid any negative feelings associated with stresses and strains of lifting, mobility or using difficult products.

Sustainable and energy efficient
We are proud to offer sustainable products, with some of our lifts made from up to 95% recyclable materials, 90% natural materials and only using as little energy as a kettle or hairdryer.

Key lock to avoid unwanted use, safety edges, emergency battery lowering and emergency communication facilities.

Gartec_Home_Lift_AHL_19 LR

What is the process?

At Gartec Home, we work closely with homeowners frequently and have put together a lift buying process to explain and simplify the process, listing factors that may need to be considered when selecting a lift, such as the style of the lift you may like or the size and amount of people you may need it to fit. We are happy to advise on design, size and lift options so the lift matches the design of the home, contact us for more advice.