Platform Lift Solutions for Accessible Learning in Schools and Universities

We stand as one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial lifts, specifically designed to meet the needs of schools, colleges, and universities. Our approach is straightforward: to offer reliable, compliant, and tailored accessibility solutions that support the diverse requirements of educational institutions, manoeuvring budgetary constraints and tight deadlines to support the mobility of students across England.


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Find the Right Commercial Lift for Your Institution

We offer a range of commercial platform lifts tailored to the unique needs of schools, colleges, and universities. Some notable models, ideal for these settings, include:

Aritco 9000 Cabin Platform Lift

Ideal for providing an enclosed, conventional lift feel, compliant with accessibility laws.

Aritco 9000 commercial lift in situ

ILS 1000 High Capacity Platform Lift

Handles heavy loads, suitable for various users including those with wheelchairs, enhancing accessibility across campus buildings.

ILS 1000 High Capacity Platform LiftPlatform Lift

Barduva RB150

Perfect for external use in space-limited areas, offering an efficient alternative to ramps.

a step lift helping a disabled man in a wheelchair at his home

BC Platform Stairlift

Economical, space-saving design ideal for overcoming stairs, and enhancing wheelchair accessibility.

MPR Elegance Step Lift

Offers stylish design for indoor/outdoor use, blending seamlessly with any existing architecture.

elegance platform lift in an office

MPR Superior Strategos Step Lifts

Focuses on safety and efficiency, adaptable for diverse academic environments.

MPR Superior Strategos Step Lift

MPR Low Up Step Lift

A cost-effective, easy-install solution for immediate accessibility improvements.

MPR Low Up Step Lift

MPR Mid 1000 Step Lift

Quick installation for fast-paced educational settings, supporting wheelchair access.


Regulatory Compliance

Gartec’s lifts are meticulously designed to meet the stringent accessibility regulations set forth by the UK government. By adhering to these rigorous standards, our lifts provide a compliant solution that ensures equal access for all individuals within educational institutions. This commitment to regulatory compliance does not strain budgets, making our lifts an ideal choice for educational facilities that prioritise both accessibility and financial management.

Space Constraints

We understand the unique challenges posed by space constraints within educational buildings, particularly those with older or historic structures. Our lifts are engineered to have a minimal structural impact, allowing for seamless integration into existing spaces without compromising the integrity or functionality of the building. Our innovative designs ensure that every square foot is optimised, providing a practical solution for educational institutions where space is at a premium.

Safety and Reliability

All of our commercial lifts are equipped with advanced safety features that adhere to the highest industry standards, ensuring a secure environment for all users, including students, staff, and visitors. From robust construction to fail-safe mechanisms, our lifts offer peace of mind to administrators and students alike, allowing them to navigate the premises with confidence and ease.

Budget Constraints

We recognise that educational institutions often face budgetary constraints, which can hinder their ability to invest in accessibility solutions. For this reason, offer competitively priced platform lift solutions that do not compromise on quality or compliance. Our affordability enables educational institutions to enhance accessibility while effectively managing their budgets, ensuring that financial considerations do not impede their commitment to inclusivity.

Aesthetic Integration

We understand the importance of preserving the architectural integrity of educational buildings, many of which boast rich historical significance or distinct design elements. Our lifts are available in a range of customisable design options, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into the existing aesthetic of the building. From sleek and modern to more traditional styles, our lifts ensure that functionality does not detract from the aesthetic appeal of the educational environment.

User Diversity

Educational settings are home to individuals with diverse mobility needs, ranging from students and staff to visiting professionals and guests. Our platform lifts are designed to accommodate this wide range of users, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all. Whether it’s individuals using wheelchairs, those with temporary mobility challenges, or those with other specific needs, our lifts provide a seamless and dignified experience for everyone.

We had a limited budget and Gartec worked out the very best option and price for us, they ensured we got the correct people involved regarding the design of the hole for the lift to travel through, and we duly placed the order. We had some misgivings about what we ordered as we were concerned about how it would look when it was installed and how obtrusive it would be, indeed we decided to amend the order so the lift had glass sides and wow! How glad we are that we did. The communication was first class all through and the aftercare has been very good.

I examined the market for a suitable lift for our premises, and Gartec had a lift that would fit into our small bar area and would not be too obtrusive, hence making contact and requesting someone visit to look at the site and advise on the best option for us, we are a grade 2 listed building and were having problems getting the planning permission for the lift to be installed where it would serve us best, Gartec made contact and arranged to visit us. Gartec was very professional and most helpful, and much more interested in getting it right for us than any of the other suppliers.

The cricket club is currently being used as a COVID vaccination centre and the lift is essential for those of limited mobility. Hence it was important to get the work done as soon as possible and on a day when the centre wasn’t in use.  We’re very grateful for the swift response from Gartec, the service engineer was also very competent and helpful.

Plymouth Cricket Club

“We turned to Gartec, and their innovative moving floor design. It was an attractive and successful option taking only 6 days to fit. The safety features include a remote lock and a Smart app operation from an iPhone, so parents can ensure no trapped fingers  or ‘junior joyriding’ – perfect for a family house. We have been impressed with both the product and professional installation, and would certainly consider Gartec again for another Octagon home.”

Anton Dummer, Octagon Developments

“Both our Architect and Building Manager found Gartec Home professional, organised and proactive, and the installation process went smoothly. All the people my husband and I have dealt with have been helpful, and any queries dealt with quickly. The end result is totally integral to the build and reflects the modern architectural style.”

Hazel Coomber, Brentwood

“I would like to say that everyone at Gartec has been very helpful. The lift is my lifeline and enables me to live here.”

Barbara, Stourbridge

“The Gartec Home team were friendly and knowledgeable, they kept me informed and even tidied everything up at the end!”

Mary Jones, Abingdon

“Gartec offered a quick turnaround using a high-quality lift solution. It was important to have lifts that would complement the design and quality of the rest of the houses. The Gartec lifts offered this and only required a short installation period carried out by two friendly engineers. I am pleased with the overall look of the lifts installed and they will contribute to the townhouses being desirable to a bigger market. We look forward to working together again.”

Keith Perfect, Bellwood Homes

Improving Mobility and Safety for Schools, Colleges, and Universities

We distinguish ourselves with over 25 years of expertise in providing tailored lift solutions. Our end-to-end support model, from consultation to after-care, ensures facilities managers in schools, colleges, and universities across the UK, have a seamless experience. For more information or to discuss your specific needs, please get in touch with us today, or download one of our free commercial lift brochures.


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