Our Brilliant Range of Platform Lifts in Scotland

Providing accessibility to all people, especially those with mobility impairments, should be a priority in all properties across the UK and Scotland. We are incredibly proud of our range of platform lifts, providing accessible solutions to people everywhere.

Bespoke options are available to all domestic dwellings and public spaces, as well as commercial properties seeking to upgrade their level of accessibility.


How We Build Your Platform Lift in Scotland

We start with a personal consultation, which will help us to better understand your wants and needs before we begin crafting your bespoke platform lift. Our aim is to always keep costs as low as possible, which is why this initial discussion is prioritised, so we can work together to find you a solution that fits you and your budget.

We offer a wide range of sleek finishes, from stainless steel engineering to disguised cabin styles which integrate perfectly with their surroundings.

Once we have settled on a design and crafted every piece of your platform lift, we will have it delivered to your home in Scotland and installed in a matter of days. We want to avoid as much disruption to your daily life as possible, while we work, so you should only need to designate about two to three days for job completion, though this may vary depending on the complexity of the project.


Electric Platform Lifts

The electric lifting platforms we install across Scotland will help you to lift people as well as goods, both indoors and outdoors, where space will allow. Featuring scissor lift tables which offer a sustainable and versatile platform with an impressive load capacity of 10,000 kg.

a step lift helping a disabled man in a wheelchair at his home

Vertical Platform Lifts

Our vertical platform lifts offer sustainable and cost-effective accessibility, and are adaptable for most commercial environments. These platform lifts can be installed beside stairs or as stand-alone units.


Hidden Platform Lift

Due to their immense strength, platform lifts can stand out when placed alongside an existing structure, be that from their heft or their design. With our hidden platform lifts, available anywhere in Scotland, you can provide unmatched accessibility whilst disguising the external structure, preserving the appearance of the building.

Gartec Home Lifts - 5000 Cabin Home Lift Glass Door

Why You Should Choose Our Elite Platform Lifts in Scotland

  • In a time when operating costs and energy consumption are at an all-time high, it is essential for both businesses and homeowners to invest in accessibility solutions that are not only cost-effective but also energy-efficient.
  • The platform lifts we craft and install are friendly to both your budget and the environment, providing high-quality solutions for those with impaired mobility in and outside of work.
  • Our team are highly skilled and capable of completing a project in a timely manner, minimising disturbance to the flow of your daily life.