Our Warranties on Commercial Lifts

Lifts are integral to the smooth operation of many businesses, from retail complexes to office buildings, and a comprehensive warranty provides peace of mind to these establishments – safeguarding against costly and unforeseen challenges.


The Gartec Warranty Advantage

We offer a one-year warranty on all our commercial platform lifts, and a two-year warranty on residential lifts. Registering your warranty with us ensures that you are covered for any faults or issues within the warranty period, allowing us to get your lift back in operation swiftly.

Complete Servicing

As part of our warranty package, we also offer a full suite of essential lift services – from maintenance and repairs to refurbishments and inspections, all designed to enhance the safety and accessibility of your workplace.

Our nationwide network of expert engineers is available around the clock to provide these services, ensuring that you meet all legal obligations and safety standards. We even offer bespoke lift maintenance contracts and rapid response teams to handle any emergencies, minimising downtime and keeping your business running smoothly.

Maintenance Packages to Suit You

We offer a range of maintenance packages, from Bronze to Platinum, each designed to suit different usage levels and budget constraints. These packages include regular service visits, LOLER inspections, and even 24/7 emergency phone line access – providing a complete solution for your lift maintenance needs.

Aritco PublicLift Access

Our most popular commercial lift, the Aritco PublicLift Access is a versatile platform lift that offers a cost-effective solution for almost any building. Utilising a quiet, efficient, and safe screw & nut system, this lift provides a range of finishes and colours to suit your aesthetic needs.

Aritco Public Lift Access School

Aritco PublicLift Access Goods Option

Expanding on the capabilities of our most popular model, the Aritco PublicLift Access Goods Option is designed for both passengers and light goods. It comes with added safety features like a steel kerb edge and has an increased lifting capacity of up to 500 kg.

Aritco PublicLift Access Outdoor Option

For those who require an external lift solution, the Aritco PublicLift Access Outdoor Option is your go-to choice. It includes all the features of the standard PublicLift Access, but adds weatherproof elements like chromated guides, an external roof, and door canopies.


Vimec E10

The VIMEC E10 is an energy-efficient, Machine Room Less (MRL) enclosed passenger cabin lift. It offers standard features like automatic telescopic doors and additional options such as a self-supporting glazed structure, providing a conventional lift experience at a fraction of the price.


Aritco 9000

The Aritco 9000 Cabin Lift is a functional and reliable enclosed platform lift, perfect for retail spaces, educational buildings, and commercial offices. Fully compliant with Part M and the Equality Act, it serves as an excellent wheelchair or access lift, offering quick installation and a familiar environment.

ARITCO 9000 Cabin Lift

ILS 1000 High Capacity Platform Lift

The ILS 1000 High Capacity Platform Liftis a high-capacity platform lift designed for industrial environments. With a lifting capacity of up to 1,000 kg and a travel distance of 13 meters, it can accommodate passengers, wheelchair users, and stretchers. Optional extras like larger doorways make it even more versatile.

ILS 500 Platform Lift

Gartec Elegance Step Lift

This platform lift also benefits from our complete servicing package, ensuring that any issues are swiftly resolved by our expert engineers, minimising downtime.

elegance platform lift in an office

Gartec Superior Strategos Step Lift

From Bronze to Platinum, choose the level of service that fits your business, knowing that our rapid response teams are always on standby.

MPR Superior Strategos Step Lift

Gartec Low Up Step Lift

Its one-year warranty is complemented by our full suite of essential lift services, from maintenance to LOLER inspections, ensuring that your lift remains a safe and functional asset.

MPR Mid 1000 Step Lift

The Mid 1000’s warranty is backed by our nationwide network of expert engineers, available around the clock to provide maintenance, repairs, and inspections, keeping your business compliant and operational.

Gartec 3000 Platform Step Lift

The Barduva RB150 is a stylish and robust lift perfect for short-rise external applications. With a 3-metre travel distance and a compact system, it’s an excellent alternative to ramps – especially where space is limited. Various platform sizes and finishes are also available to suit different needs and budgets.

Gartec 3000 Platform Step Lift

BC Platform stairlift

For overcoming straight flights of stairs, the BC Platform stairlift is an economical and space-saving solution. It operates like a standard stairlift but features a platform for wheelchair users. Once the user rolls onto the platform, safety bars lower, and a joystick controls the movement along the staircase.

Gartec Platform Stair Lift


We are continually working hard to reduce our carbon emissions and use sustainable materials.

We use



recycled and recyclable materials

Our motor is



This uses less energy than a standard domestic kettle or hairdryer

A reduction of up to



of annual power usage and cost compared to a passenger lift in the same environment

An annual reduction of up to


% CO2

is seen through the production of the annual power used.

We had a limited budget and Gartec worked out the very best option and price for us, they ensured we got the correct people involved regarding the design of the hole for the lift to travel through, and we duly placed the order. We had some misgivings about what we ordered as we were concerned about how it would look when it was installed and how obtrusive it would be, indeed we decided to amend the order so the lift had glass sides and wow! How glad we are that we did. The communication was first class all through and the aftercare has been very good.

I examined the market for a suitable lift for our premises, and Gartec had a lift that would fit into our small bar area and would not be too obtrusive, hence making contact and requesting someone visit to look at the site and advise on the best option for us, we are a grade 2 listed building and were having problems getting the planning permission for the lift to be installed where it would serve us best, Gartec made contact and arranged to visit us. Gartec was very professional and most helpful, and much more interested in getting it right for us than any of the other suppliers.

The cricket club is currently being used as a COVID vaccination centre and the lift is essential for those of limited mobility. Hence it was important to get the work done as soon as possible and on a day when the centre wasn’t in use.  We’re very grateful for the swift response from Gartec, the service engineer was also very competent and helpful.

Plymouth Cricket Club

“We turned to Gartec, and their innovative moving floor design. It was an attractive and successful option taking only 6 days to fit. The safety features include a remote lock and a Smart app operation from an iPhone, so parents can ensure no trapped fingers  or ‘junior joyriding’ – perfect for a family house. We have been impressed with both the product and professional installation, and would certainly consider Gartec again for another Octagon home.”

Anton Dummer, Octagon Developments

“Both our Architect and Building Manager found Gartec Home professional, organised and proactive, and the installation process went smoothly. All the people my husband and I have dealt with have been helpful, and any queries dealt with quickly. The end result is totally integral to the build and reflects the modern architectural style.”

Hazel Coomber, Brentwood

“I would like to say that everyone at Gartec has been very helpful. The lift is my lifeline and enables me to live here.”

Barbara, Stourbridge

“The Gartec Home team were friendly and knowledgeable, they kept me informed and even tidied everything up at the end!”

Mary Jones, Abingdon

“Gartec offered a quick turnaround using a high-quality lift solution. It was important to have lifts that would complement the design and quality of the rest of the houses. The Gartec lifts offered this and only required a short installation period carried out by two friendly engineers. I am pleased with the overall look of the lifts installed and they will contribute to the townhouses being desirable to a bigger market. We look forward to working together again.”

Keith Perfect, Bellwood Homes

Lead the Way in Business with Our Competitive Lift Solutions

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we have a warranty and service package that is just right for you. Choose Gartec for peace of mind, operational efficiency, and a lift service you can rely on.

Browse our full range of commercial lifts today and find the perfect solution for your space. If you have any questions or need further guidance, our team of experts is here to help.