Gartec Hydraulic Scissor Lift

The Gartec hydraulic scissor lift is a hydraulic platform lift that, in its starting position, is initially a simple hydraulic scissor table lift that can travel to heights of 9.5 metres and carry a maximum of 10,000kg.

Gartec Hydraulic Scissor Lift – Quality Hydraulic Elevator Systems

This scissor lift can be used as a hydraulic passenger elevator or a goods lift when additional features are added. If you’re looking to build a scissor lift with further capabilities than the regular hydraulic scissor lift table, you can get in touch with the customer service team at Gartec and let us know your requirements for your new hydraulic scissor lift.

From rails and buttons to a range of materials and colours, the Gartec hydraulic lift table can be fully bespoke and designed to meet your specific requirements.

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Gartec Platform Scissor Lift

What You Need to Know About Gartec Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

With the use of the Gartec hydraulic scissor lift, you can make any space a lifting area. Whether you need a hydraulic lifting trolley to raise goods and equipment to another level, you need to attain a better working height by raising items with a hydraulic bucket lift, or you wish to offer passenger access to a different level of your property with a hydraulic elevator – the Gartec hydraulic lift design offers a huge level of flexibility for usage.

As a hydraulic lifting device with a simple design, the Gartec hydraulic scissor lift offers an effective and safe option to simplify internal and external lifting jobs. The equipment is also highly adaptable and versatile, offering a huge range of customisations, options, and extras to fit almost any size, capacity or travel requirements for goods and people – and any further specific needs from the small hydraulic platform lift.

If you have a specific request, just get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate it.

Features of the Gartec Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Being able to access the areas of a building quickly and easily is one of the main benefits of a hydraulic scissor lift. Not only can it be used for the transport of goods between floors, but you can also transport passengers where steps are not a viable option – as it can also be used as hydraulic man-lift equipment.

The Gartec hydraulic scissor lift creates a compact and reliable solution to the lifting problems you’ve been facing. Each model is highly adaptable to your needs and requirements, with a huge range of customisation options available to choose from that can suit all environments, needs, and budgets. Simply get in touch with Gartec to discuss your needs.

Some further features of the Gartec hydraulic scissor lift include:

  • Safety edge perimeter bars
  • Safety spacing – no trapping points
  • Armoured hydraulic hoses with burst valves
  • Overload protection – tested to 130%
  • Hydraulic cylinders with high-pressure seals
  • Mechanical props/locks for maintenance
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Adjustable flow control valve
  • Fully customisable with optional custom finishes, colours, and materials
  • Single, double, or triple scissor
  • Safety edges
  • Safety props & max. stress torsion bars
  • Integral power pack
  • Ramp or pit at closed height for a flush finish


Type of Lift: Scissor lifting platform
Box profile mechanism

Usage: Goods and Passenger or goods only

Environment: Internal or External

Drive system: Hydraulic cylinder system

Platform controls: Deadman press to run control
Hand-held or wall mounted

Power req.: 3ph, 380-500v, 50Hz standard remote or integral power pack

Motor: 24V

Compliance: IP54 – electric & hydraulic system

ISO 9000 accreditation

CE marked


Travel: 600 – 9,500mm

No. of floors: 2

Pit / ramp: 165 – 985mm (pit or ramp)

Closed height +5mm

Rated speed: 0.03 – 0.15m/s

Capacity: 500 – 10,000kg

Options and Extras

Colours: Orange and blue as standard. Optional custom RAL colour choices.

Rails: Supplied as standard without rails

Get in touch to discuss requirements, materials and colours.

Buttons: Remote or stanchion mounted. Optional lettering and braille are available.

Destination: Optional announcer or display when the level is reached.

Powerpack: Remote or integral power pack (NB: some sizes/ load capacities will require a remote pack)

3 phase as standard

Single-phase power option

Bespoke options:

If you would like a specific feature, material, colour, or design, please just get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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As a quality lift company, we at Gartec understand the need for better levels of accessibility in your property. Whether you need a solution to quickly transport large amounts of goods, a transport solution to get passengers from A to B – or even both – the experts at Gartec will be more than happy to discuss and accommodate your needs for the most effective solution.

Our experts have been in the business for over 25 years, and have provided properties across the UK with many types of elevator and quality lifting systems. Check out our case studies.

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